I am now offering a limited time appointment system:

  • Saturdays - ALL children
  • Mondays & Fridays (a.m.) - Adults & pre-schoolers ONLY
I will continue to offer my Virtual Assistant Service. But if you would like an appointment, please email me at and give me the following information:

  • Number of children (if applicable)
  • What type of footwear
  • Preferred time and on which Mon/ Fri (adults & pre-schoolers) or Sat (schoolchildren).
There are several conditions that I must be absolutely strict on, and by booking an appointment you agree to the following:
  • You arrive at specified time only
  • If late, you may need to change day
  • You use the sanitiser gel at entrance
  • Face masks must be worn by all adults AND children aged seven or over, or no entry
  • You bring your own socks
  • The toilet and play area is out of use

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