V.A. School Form

This form MUST be supported by the photos requested - it saves a huge amount of time!

Boy or Girl?

What shoe style(s) are you looking for?

Which School Shoe Style & Fastening required?

Same school shoes as current style (as shown in your picture)?

Preferred girl's school brand(s)

Preferred boy's school brand(s)

Which School/ Nursery trainers Style & Fastening?

Preferred School/ Nursery trainers brand(s)

Will the trainers be worn with thick socks?

Wellies required?

Football boots required? (laced only)

Collecting from the shop? We would strongly suggest that if you have left it until the last 10 days of the holidays to order you choose this method. You will be given a day and time slot and we ask you to only come as mutually agreed. This is to ensure your order is ready and you are not waiting in a queue.

SHOE CHECK CARDS - IMPORTANT: A shoe check card will be put in each box stating the day they were bought. Please hold onto this as it must be produced when changing size or if there are any problems. We need to be certain that they have been purchased from us.