EasyBuy Service

There is no substitute for having a proper measure and fit. 

However, for those who are too busy or just prefer the convenience of buying without bringing the kids in, we can now offer our new EASYBUY service which is the next best thing. Compare this to buying ONLINE!

  • ONLINE PURCHASE: Risky. Brands and styles fit differently
  • EASYBUY: Simple. I know how everything fits and we stock the brands you trust
  • ONLINE DELIVERY- Slow. In most cases orders take at least 5 days to arrive
  • EASYBUY: Quick. Collect same day, or posted out free and delivered 1-2 days
  • ONLINE RETURNS: Hassle. Requires time, effort and waiting for a refund
  • EASYBUY:  No problem. Same day exchange or refund

EASYBUY is a simple 3-step process which doesn't involve your child being present!
1. Come into the shop with the shoes/trainers etc that you wish to replace, OR send a photo of them, and tell me how long ago they were bought. 
2. Choose from suitable styles- I offer you choices based on the size and what they currently wear.
3. Either pay and walk out, or we send you an invoice and post them out free of charge.
It really is that EASY!

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