Tips to reduce stress during your visit - yes really!

I am delighted to say that news spreads fast in Jersey, so despite not being on the high street, we have become known as the best place to go for properly fitted shoes. However, I understand that sometimes people have not got the time required and get quite stressed - despite our best efforts. So, here is my ultimate guide to visiting Fit Footwear - to help save you time & anguish!

The shop is always busy during school holidays (and often Saturdays) so if you don’t want a long wait, we would suggest the following. Come to the shop as soon as you arrive in town and then, if there is a waiting list, you can use our unique CALLBACK system. You simply give a member of staff your mobile number and they will add you to the list. You can then go off into town or the park and when it is nearly your turn, you will receive a call. Please then make your way back to the shop straight away and you should be served almost immediately.

I offer a limited number of appointments for children.


  • Give your name on arrival

  • If you just want a shoe check, please let a member of staff know because I can slot you in as I go.

  • If you just want the same style but in the next size, ask a member of staff who will then come to see me. I will get your shoes when I go to get styles for the customer I am serving

  • Have a look at the styles on display and get an idea what you like and which brand you prefer. This will make things a lot quicker.

  • Whilst waiting, let the kids go into the play area whilst you relax.

  • Check that your child/children are wearing the correct socks; ask for some if not - we have spare ones

  • When it is nearly your turn, get your kids shoes off ready for measuring

  • PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP - Keep your child sitting down whilst shoes are being brought from the stockroom - this speeds things up considerably.

  • Please note that the styles you are shown are the most likely to fit

  • Please be patient. I will be working non-stop from the time the door opens at 9.30 am until it closes - often longer - to make sure you leave with properly fitted shoes.