Virtual Assistant School Service

Thanks for enquiring about my Virtual Assistant School Service - your chance to use my experience & expertise for free.

I know exactly how my footwear fits, and I can send you just what your child needs; my top brands are competitively priced too!

Before proceeding further, please take these photos and get them ready to email to me, seperately as attachments, using

  • Your child's feet standing on their insoles, if they come out.
  • Their current shoes from the front and side

Send them either immediately before or after answering the questions on the form; the more information you can give me the better and quicker the service I can provide, so please go through each question! When completed, hit the "Submit" button at the end and I will match up your form to your photos, review and contact you ASAP.

I will send you one or more pictures of shoes I feel are correct for your child. Once you have selected those required, I will send you a PayPal invoice and your shoes will be set aside or posted once you have paid (no PayPal account is required).

To go directly to the School Form, please click HERE