+ You will need your own mat (a THICK yoga mat is ideal) for all classes

+ Please bring a bottle of still water, and a hand towel may be useful

+ Wear loose, comfortable clothing- no shoes necessary

+ In Autumn/Winter bring an extra top layer to put on during the relaxation

+ Don’t eat for at least an hour before the class

+ If seeing a chiropractor/physiotherapist, please check that they are happy for you to take part in a class

+ These are group classes so may not be suitable if you have a serious back problem

+ Pilates FIT classes have a unique format! The exercises vary every week so you will never get bored

+ The classes are suitable for all. Exercises start at a beginner’s level but you will be given options to make the exercises more intense if you feel you can work harder.

+ Most benefit is gained if you attend regularly. You are welcome to make up for any missed classes by attending a different session .