I love going to Audrey's classes, each week is different, you never do the same each week, Audrey is a very professional Pilates teacher, very caring and understandable. If you can not make a class at the venue you go to then you can drop in at another venue. You can go at your own level, if you struggle with some moves then stay on the same level. Audrey will explain this before the class starts.

 I have been going to the class at St Mary's for years. This is a lovely class and we have a lot of fun.

Thank you kindly Audrey. Keep up the good work.

Adele Amy, St Brelade

The classes vary each week and Audrey approaches each class with a professional, but humorous attitude, which immediately puts you at ease.  Audrey also provides alternative levels to each exercise so there is always something for your ability. Annette, St. Helier.

 Audrey's classes have a great mix of attendees - varying ages and ability. I throughly enjoy the classes, they make me work hard but I've never felt out of my depth. Audrey has a wealth of Pilates knowledge to call upon so injuries or issues can be catered for. Core strength training is often overlooked yet it is so important.

NM, St Clement

Thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of Pilates, everyone was very friendly, a nice mixed age group and good fun! Fully appreciated Audrey’s style of Pilates, gentle but a good all round workout. I’ll be back for the next course.

Sarah Thelland, St Saviour 

 Audrey's friendly Pilates classes are really fun and relaxed, but that doesn't mean you don't get results! I've been attending for several years now and I feel more toned and flexible, with a much stronger 'core'. Each exercise offers varying levels of difficulty, so you can put in as much or as little effort as you want, (depending on whether you've had a hard day or not!) This ensures that everyone does what suits them best - all with Audrey's enthusiastic encouragement!

Anne - St Clement

Audrey’s classes are fun and friendly, most exercises are at different levels to suit individual strength, flexibility and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or have attended other pilates classes you will not be disappointed! S.C. Trinity. 

" What can I say, Audrey's Pilates classes are unique, she is a true professional who brings a great element of humor to the class and everyone manages to crack a smile and a chuckle at some point throughout the session, no matter how hard she is working you.... and she does if you are up for the challenge!  If you want an informal, fun Pilates class with like minded people, Pilates Fit with Audrey, is where you want to be .. at least once a week! Not forgetting the choccy treats on the last night of each course. Thank you Audrey for my hour of escapism each week x" Sally Reid 

 "Quite simply, Audrey is the best Pilates teacher in Jersey.  I should know.  I tried many classes before I found Audrey's class.  I am a dance teacher myself.  I am an Associate in the British Association of Teachers of Dancing and attend a Pilates class with Audrey once a week.  I have been doing so for around five years.  I know the importance of maintaining flexibility and strength in your core to keep your body well toned overall and for general wellbeing.  It's not like going to the gym.  The classes are really good fun and pitched at all levels from beginner to advanced.  She tends to have three levels with one being the easiest and three being the hardest and you can choose what level suits you best so that you can always keep up.  Although no class is the same, tums, bums and thighs are worked on every week although not using the same exercises.  You can take a resistance band and a weighted ball along too and use them if you want to work a bit more.  Both can be bought on the website www.pilateswithaudrey and you can pick them up at the class.  I can thoroughly recommend Audrey's Pilates classes if you are serious about wanting to tone up all over, maintain your flexibility and strength in your core and have a laugh along the way. Mrs T, St Lawrence"

 My daughter and I have been attending Audrey's pilates sessions since the start of this year and we have both felt the benefit. The classes are expertly run with humour and encouragement. Audrey is always watching us and making sure we are doing it properly.  I like the fact that we can work at our own level as I am not very flexible and have a back problem but my daughter is much more advanced and she can work at her level.  We always find the hour flies by and we will certainly continue to attend.    Liz and Kathryn Smith. St Mary.

 Having tried a few different Pilates classes I really find Audrey's classes very enjoyable, relaxed and beneficial to me. I like her style of teaching for all levels and she always makes me giggle, I come away feeling uplifted! Debbie

 “Audrey’s classes are always challenging, are hard work, but also fun and very well worth doing. I’ve been going to her classes for 15 years and still enjoy them.

Kathy, St. Helier

Friendly, fun, 'no designer leotards' group that offers a great work out

Irene Hansford, St. Brelade. 

You don’t need to already be fit to benefit from Audrey’s light-hearted classes.  Suitable for all ages and abilities Audrey’s flexibility to class attendance at her various venues helps you become stronger and more flexible.  Like many others I have attended her classes for several years now and still appreciate Audrey’s guidance on her variety of exercises at differing levels.

Jo Robinson, St Helier 

Pilates Fit with Audrey is a great class to work your muscular strength.  You will work your abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs and the class really improves your overall flexibility. Audrey also has a fabulous habit of putting your skills to the test with humour. Trying to stay into your open leg rocker stretch after Audrey’s requested not to repeat the move at the upcoming office Christmas party is a real challenge!

Peggy Gielen, St Martin 

I joined Audrey's Pilates class once I had recovered from back surgery. Audrey's class in St Mary is fabulous, fun and friendly . It has made such a difference to my core muscles in a short space of time. I certainly miss the Thursday classes during the holidays. Thank you Audrey. Andrea Queree St John 

Audrey's Pilates classes just tick every box, convenient times and locations, no two classes are ever the same (so boredom isn't an option) and because Audrey offers different levels on each exercise the classes suit beginners and more experienced practitioners alike. There really is something for everyone and most importantly, as nobody in the class takes themselves too seriously, it is fun! Michelle Clark, Grouville