Venue Details



Situated at the top of Wellington Road

+ Coming up the hill, turn left, just before Bagatelle Lane on the right, towards Hautlieu School.

+ The large white building on your left is Oakfield Sports centre, and there is plenty of parking available around the back of the building.

+ Classes are in the Dance Studio on the first floor.


The centre is very modern and the room has a sprung wooden floor and a heating/cooling system.

If you forget your water, there is a vending machine on the ground floor.



Situated behind the Parish Hall

 +Coming from St John, drive along the St John’s main road until you see the school on your right.

 + Turn right straight after the school. The centre is situated directly behind the school and the  Parish Hall. Turn right into a large floodlit car park.

+ Classes are in the Sports Hall, the room on your right, on the ground floor.


The hall is light and airy and we have fan heaters in the winter. In the summer, the windows open automatically to keep the room cool.