Pilates Stretch is a class specifically aimed at people who suffer from a sore, stiff or aching back. If your doctor or chiropractor has suggested Pilates as a possible option, then this is the class for you. 
Recent research shows that stretching with an experienced teacher is better for bad backs than just taking pain relief tablets, and so I have selected the particular exercises for this condition from my general Pilates Fit classes. 
Weaving them together for this specialised course has created classes that offer a special format  designed to help reduce back pain and strengthen the core muscles to prevent further problems. Stretching will be an important part of the class, and it will be suitable for all levels
With over 30 years in exercise teaching, I know what is required and how to relate it to the huge variety of people I see on a weekly basis. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, but you will be working hard without even knowing it!

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4 week course (Feb/ March) - St Paul's Centre

£ 32 




  • Monday
  • 5-45 to 6-30